Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios - Hit the movies at Disney's Hollywood Studios with attractions, rides, and fantastic shows. The most popular attraction, Toy Story Midway Mania, provides fun for the whole family. Great rides for older children and adults include Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Aerosmith Rock n' Roller Coaster, and Star Tours. There are plenty of incredible live shows for the whole family including Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Beauty and the Beast, and Lights, Motors, Action: Extreme Stunt Show.. In the evening, enjoy fireworks and the exciting show, Fantasmic! The glamour of California's Hollywood Boulevard awaits you. See New York Street and take in the skyline of Manhattan at the Streets of America. Visit Mickey Avenue and go behind the scenes of a real movie studio. See Animation Courtyard and Learn the secrets of Disney animation. Explore Sunset Boulevard and experience thrills, chills and romance. Have a picture perfect time!

Hollywood Boulevard - Old Time Hollywood
  Friendship Boat
  Front Entrance & The Crossroads
  Star Wars - A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks
  Star Wars - A Galaxy Far Away

Stormtroopers Show

  Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway
  1 - Trolley Car Cafe Starbucks

2 - The Hollywood Brown Derby

  2 - The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge
  3 - Oscar's Super Service
  4 - Mickey's of Hollywood
5 - Celebrity 5 & 10
  5 - Adrian & Edith's Head to Toe
  6 - Keystone Clothiers

Echo Lake - An atmosphere like no other

    7 - Frozen Sing-Along Celebration
    8 - Star Wars Path of the Jedi
    9 - Celebrity Spotlight
  10 - Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
11 - Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple
  12 - Star Tours - The Adventure Continues
  13 - Hollywood & Vine
  13 - Disney Junior Play 'n Dine
  13 - Minnie's Seasonal Dining
  14 - Tune in Lounge
  15 - 50's Prime Time Cafe
16 - Dockside Diner
  16 - Dinosaur Gerties Ice Cream
  16 - Echo Lake Eats
  17 - Oasis Canteen
  18 - Backlot Express
  19 - Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost
  20 - Frozen Fractal Gifts
  21 - Tatooine Traders

Grand Avenue

  22 - Muppet Vision 3-D
  23 - PizzeRizzo
  24 - Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano
  25 - BaseLine Tap House
  26 - Stage 1 Company Store

Commissary Lane - Relax and Unwind

  27 - Mickey & Minnie in Red Carpet Dreams
  28 - Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant
29 - ABC Commissary


Toy Story Land
  30 - Slinky Dog Dash
31 - Alien Swirling Saucers
  32 - Toy Story Midway Mania

33 - Woody's Lunch Box


Animation Courtyard - Create and Explore

  34 - Walt Disney Presents
  35 - Voyage of the Little Mermaid
  36 - Star Wars Launch Bay
  37 - Disney Junior - Live on Stage!
  38 - Disney Studio Store
Star Wars Land

Sunset Boulevard - The action is bustling

  39 - Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage
  39 - Music of Pixar Live! Symphony of Characters
  40 - Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
  41 - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  42 - Fantasmic!
  43 - Sunshine Day Cafe
  44 - Sunset Ranch Market
  44 - Anaheim Produce
  44 - Rosie's All-American Cafe
  44 - Catalina Eddie's
  44 - Fairfax Fare
  44 - Hollywood Scoops
  45 - KRNR The Rock Station
  46 - Rock Around the Shop
  47 - Tower Hotel Gifts
  48 - Once Upon a Time
  49 - Beverly Sunset
  49 - Planet Hollywood Super Store
  49 - Legends of Hollywood
  49 - Reel Vogue
  49 - Sunset Club Couture

Extinct Attractions, Shows & Shops

  ABC Sound Studio
  American Idol Experience
  American Idol Audition and Perform
  American Idol Watch, Cheer and Vote
  Animation Gallery
Block Party Bash
  Club Disney
  Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special
  Coolest Summer Ever Dance Party
  Disney Channel Rocks Interactive Party
  Frozen Fireworks Spectacular
  Frozen Royal Welcome Parade
  High School Musical 1 - Pep Rally
  High School Musical 2 - School's Out
  High School Musical 3 - Senior Year
  Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian
  L.A. Prop Cinema Storage
  Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow
  Magic of Disney Animation
  Mickey Avenue - A journey behind the scenes
  Mulch Sweat 'n Shears Bandscaping Concert
  Olaf's Summer Cool Down

Sorcerer's Hat

Sorcerer's Hat Shop
  Star Wars Symphony in the Stars Fireworks Show
  Starring Rolls Cafe
  Stars and Motor Cars Parade
  Sweet Spells
  The Great Movie Ride
  Toluca Legs Turkey Co.
  Wandering Oaken's Frozen Snowground
  Wandering Oaken's Trading Post
  Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Play It!

Streets of America - Great movies of USA (Extinct)

  Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure
  Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show
  Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights
  Studio Backlot Tour
  High Octane Refreshments
  Studio Catering Co.
  Pizza Planet Arcade
  The Writer's Stop
  Watto's Grotto

Pixar Place - Surrounded in a Pixar world (Extinct)

  Meet Buzz Lightyear & Woody at Pixar Place
  Hey Howdy Hey Take Away
  Toy Story Dept.

Muppet Courtyard (Extinct)


It's "on with the show" at Disney HollywoodStudios where guests of all ages are immersed in the glitz, glamour and excitement of show business -- strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, surrounded by the sights, sounds and personalities of Tinseltown in the 1930s; watching as classic Disney characters are brought to life through the magic of animation; or blasting off on a wild limousine ride with America's premier rock band, Aerosmith, as their guides.
 Hollywood Boulevard  - At Disney Hollywood Studios, guests enter the turnstiles onto the main street, Hollywood Boulevard. A walk along this "Golden Age" boulevard blurs the line between audience and performer -- guests are surrounded by the sights and sounds of show business! This giant movie set straight out of the fabulous '30s and '40s is a crazy quilt of flashy neon, chromed art deco and streamline modern architecture. "Detectives," "starlets," "cabbies," "cops" and even superstar memorabilia salesman "Sid Cahuenga" can be found prowling the streets.
 Sunset Boulevard  - Around the corner, Sunset Boulevard pays tribute to the glamorous theater district in all its glory. It also includes a shopping area with gifts themed to classic films and Disney characters. Light dining and snacks are available at the outdoor Sunset Ranch Market. Standing at the end of Sunset Boulevard, like an ominous beacon straight out of an episode of a television thriller, is the Hollywood Tower Hotel. It beckons guests to experience The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Climb into a creaky elevator in the abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel. Suddenly, the lights go out. The elevator lurches. Shudders. And shakes. You fall 13 stories faster than gravity itself. Then you're up. You're down. Then up. Are you falling or flying? Fear every drop. Nearby is the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. This "whirl'd" tour through Tinseltown will take you from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. You'll hit 4-G turns in a car crammed with 125 speakers that will rock your world with the sounds of Aerosmith.
 Mickey Avenue  - At the end of Mickey Avenue, guests can board the Disney Hollywood Studios Backlot Tour. The 25-minute tram tour takes guests behind the scenes of a staged movie production in Catastrophe Canyon and past vehicles, costumes and props from some of Hollywood's hottest films as well as television homes of popular sitcoms. Innovative design allows theme park guests to peek in at shooting on state-of-the-art soundstages and sprawling backlot sets. The full-scale re-creation of the famous Chinese Theater is the gateway to one of Disney's most elaborate ride-through attractions. The Great Movie Ride showcases the charm, romance, suspense, intrigue and blazing six-shooter action of some of Hollywood's most memorable cinematic moments. The courtyard of the Chinese Theater features handprints of numerous show business stars who have visited the studios, including Alan Alda, Lauren Bacall, Robin Williams, Charlton Heston, Samuel L. Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Bette Midler and Tom Cruise. Guests can experience what it feels like to be the size of an ant as they make their way through giant blades of grass in the "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" Movie Set Adventure. It's a jungle out there as guests experience hidden slides, caves, spider webs, a "leaky hose," tunnels and ants in a "backyard" from the hit film, "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids." The Muppets star in "Jim Henson's Muppet*Vision 3D." For the first time ever, Jim Henson's puppets and special-effects wizardry combine with Disney's famous Audio-Animatronics technology, explosive in-theater effects and the most advanced 3-D action and animation on 70mm film, all to showcase the wild antics of Jim Henson's legendary Muppet characters. The stunts are left to the pros in the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!", an action-packed live show that re-creates the death-defying heroics of classic adventure films through movie stunt demonstrations. Nearby, Star Tours invites theme park guests to embark on the wildest galactic journey ever to depart from this side of the continent. Star Tours combines flight-simulator technology and an action-packed, thrill-a-second motion picture to create a "Star Wars" experience that transforms the audience into passengers aboard a careening spacecraft on an uproarious flight to the Moon of Endor.
Another major attraction in real-life film making is The Magic of Disney Animation, where guests get an insider's view of animators and talented production artists at work producing the next generation of Disney animated feature films and short subjects. The tour includes displays of Oscars won for the many classic Disney films produced over the years and artwork from Disney's most recent animated film, "Tarzan." From the Oscar-winning films "Beauty and the Beast," "The Little Mermaid" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," Disney's beloved animated characters spring from the big screen and come to life on stage in other theme park shows. "Beauty and the Beast -- Live on Stage" captures the spellbinding story of Belle and the Beast in a 25-minute Broadway-style musical extravaganza at the Theater of the Stars. "Voyage of the Little Mermaid" features dazzling special effects which combine with puppets, Audio-Animatronics figures, live performers and favorite clips from the film to tell the tale of Ariel. "Fantasmic!", a nightly spectacular featuring Sorcerer Mickey in a tale of fantasy and fright with lasers, lights, fire and water, is presented nightly in the new 6,500-seat Hollywood Hills amphitheater. In a dream-world battle of good versus evil, Mickey's imagination comes to life -- from the whimsical ways of his colorful friends to the darkness of the Disney villains.
Shops and restaurants continue the adventure through Tinseltown history and lifestyle. The Brown Derby faithfully recalls the landmark Hollywood restaurant, meeting place of the stars where gossip washed down the signature Cobb salad and grapefruit cake. "California crazy" architecture on a quiet lake serves up snacks and desserts from buildings created in the form of a tramp steamer and life-size dinosaur. Around the bend, the 50's Prime Time Cafe takes guests into the kitchenettes of '50s sitcoms for dining atop laminated tables next to old-fashioned TVs tuned in to reruns of long-ago shows. Other themed dining opportunities include: Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano, Toy Story Pizza Planet, Backlot Express, ABC Commissary and Hollywood & Vine. Hollywood & Vine features meet-and-greets with characters including Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Goofy. Disney's  Hollywood Studios immerses guests in the glamour of show business 365 days a year with thrilling attractions, incredible Broadway-style shows, world-class atmosphere entertainment and interactive film, television, radio and animation production facilities. The theme park and working production facility is part of the 30,500-acre Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Fla.
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