Stars and Motor Cars Parade

Disney's Hollywood Studios stars join together in a celebrity cavalcade that features custom cars honoring Walt Disney's movie-making career. Celebrities from television and the silver screen take over the streets during this interactive parade. Aladdin and Jasmine, Luke Skywalker, Power Rangers, Miss Piggy, Mary Poppins, Mickey Mouse and others all are on hand. Walt Disney, who got his start in motion pictures, is honored in a pre-show that pays homage to his pioneering creativity. Commentators along the parade route will share Walt wisdom as the parade makes its way through the park.

More than a dozen stars ride in customized cars, many of them vintage models: The newest addition to the parade are the cars from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars Lightning McQueen, the bright red race car and Mater, the tow truck. The Power Rangers joined the parade in spring 2005. Five generations of Power Rangers -- consisting of Time Force, Ninja Storm, Wild Force, Dino Thunder and Space Patrol Delta Power Rangers -- ride in the parade in a sleek, black roadster with lightning bolts streaming from the hood and a giant fan arching over the trunk.

The Stars and Motor Cars Parade lasts about 25 minutes and is performed daily in the late afternoon. The parade steps off at the Star Tours gate, travels down Hollywood Boulevard and exits near the front of the park at Crossroads. A good place to view the parade is at its beginning, at the Star Tours gate. Another good spot is near Sid Cahuenga's, down the side, where the parade exits.

July 2006

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