The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror
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Height Restriction: 40"
Use Fastpass

This attraction is set in the Hollywood Tower Hotel.  Once inside the hotel, be sure to look around - the detail of the lobby is amazing.  From there, visitors are sent into the library for a pre-show.  Tip - Once in the library, move to the opposite corner you entered.  This door will open into the basement where you will be loaded into the elevator. 

Tip - In the basement, go to the left line - it's quicker.  Once loaded into the elevator, it travels through the hotel.  Before dropping (3 times total), it is brought to the front of the hotel where a door opens allowing passengers to have a bird's eye view of the park.   

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The Tower of Terror is just an elevator ride.

Did I forget to mention that it's a very scary elevator ride?

This is a picture of when you go down the elevator. You can buy a photo of your ride!

"We survived!"


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