Muppet Vision 3D
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10 minute pre-show
Show Length: 15 minutes.

After entering the theater, guests are given 3D glasses for the show.  The pre-show goes on continuously and is very funny if you are lucky enough to catch the whole show (Rizzo Rat tricks Sam Eagle into thinking he is Mickey Mouse). Once in the theater, Kermit the Frog is your "guide" through the Muppet Laboratories.  Although Kermit promises not to stoop to "cheap 3D effects", it is inevitable including a thrown pie, blown bubbles, and many others. 

Miss Piggy has a short musical number and Sam Eagle prepares a two and a half hour tribute to "all nations, but mostly America" (he is then told he has two minutes).  The tribute is interrupted when a fight breaks out with the Swedish Chef which leads to the theater being "blown up."  This show is one of  my personal favorites and shouldn't be missed by anybody. 

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