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Open for Lunch and Dinner.
Italian Cuisine
Moderate to Expensive
Located in Italy Pavilion

Via Napoli offers Southern Italian food at its best. Their pizzas are renowned for being authentic Neapolitan creations. The flour at Via Napoli is imported from Southern Italy to give diners a truly Italian pizza. Diners can start with the fritto misto for two, which includes calamari, risotto balls, fried seasonal vegetables with marinara dipping sauce. For a lighter option, Prosciutto e Melone offers guests parma ham and cantelope. Pastas as well as chicken, veal, and eggplant parmigianino are abundant.

It's great fun to see a large group with the
Mezzo Metro pizza, which takes over the entire table. This gigantic pizza will most likely feed your whole family. Via Napoli has many tasty options, but the Gelato Sundae is a dessert that you should definitely not miss. Also, the Zeppole di Ricotta, ricotta cheese fritters, is one of the best desserts on Disney World property.

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