Kali River Rapids
Height Restriction: 38"
Ride Length: 5 minutes
Use Fastpass Here

Visitors to Kali River Rapids travel in groups of twelve on large circular rafts down the Chakranadi River.  Originally dubbed Tiger River Rapids the name was changed because there were no tigers to be seen.  Kali River Rapids is a little different  because it takes you up a lift hill and sends you down a fairly large drop.   While traveling down the river, the rafts encounter waterfalls - both going down one and going under one.  The raft spins, so it is impossible to know which side of the raft will get wet.   

Tip - The sign out front says you will get wet.  It should be corrected - YOU WILL GET SOAKED!!! Bring an extra set of clothes - including underwear - for after this ride.  Also, you are no longer allowed to take your socks and shoes off, so plan accordingly.    Keep your feet above the silver ring to avoid getting totally soaked.

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Make sure to place your items in the pockets in the center of the raft so they don't get wet like you will!

Courtney and Bonnie ready to ride one of our faves!

Neil and Megan can't wait to ride!

On the bridge, you can watch the rafts pass by under you.

Going up.....

and going down!

Whoa....look at those rapids go!

Neil and Courtney LOVE Kali River Rapids and TOTALLY suggest it for all ages.

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