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Marvel at a "clean-up crew" that bangs, claps, clips & clomps their way into your hearts. These exuberant performers create mind-boggling percussion out of trashcans, dustpans, hardhats, flyswatters & more.  Rhythm is their only language!

Instruments include: 3 30-gal. trash cans, 2 17-gallon trash cans, 1 14-gal. trash can, 1 8-gal. trash can, 1 10-gal. trash can, 1 12-gal. trash can, 3 sets of drum sticks, 2 fly swatters, 1 dust pan, 1 pan broom, 1plunger and 1 hard hat.


July 2019

July 2015

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July 2005

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