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A fountain with a statue of St. George slaying a dragon, is the centerpiece of the cobblestoned German platz (plaza) in the World Showcase's Germany. The architecture reflects a diverse cross section of German regions, from the replica of the medieval castle to the fairy tale Bavarian style buildings. The clock tower features a glockenspiel that chimes a special melody on the hour. A miniature German village houses three model trains much to the guests' delight. Traditional German food served in an Oktoberfest-style atmosphere, is found in the Biergarten. Open for lunch and dinner, the all-you-can-eat buffet contains assorted sausages, rotisserie chicken, child's Frankfurters, assorted salads, breads, red cabbage, wine kraut, potatoes and spatzle.

Desserts include apple strudel and German-style cheesecake. The dinner buffet also includes smoked pork loin and sauerbraten, in addition to those items previously mentioned. Guests are seated at long communal tables and as they enjoy the hearty cuisine, are treated to traditional German entertainment. Folk dancing, yodelling and folk music amuse and delight visitors here.  The Sommerfest is a counter service restaurant that serves bratwurst and frankfurter sandwiches, sauerkraut, soft pretzels and apple strudel. While there is no ride or attraction in the German pavilion, shoppers will enjoy the wide assortment of shops here. Der Teddy bar is a toy shop with stuffed animals, dolls, puppets, miniature trains and of course, teddy bears.

In the Volkskunst, you'll find beer steins of all sizes and to fit all pocketbooks, clocks, watches, and hand crafted items such as cuckoo clocks, nutcrackers, music boxes and woodcarvings. English books about Germany and other German souvenirs and gifts are found in Der Bucherwurm. If you enjoy fine wines, you must visit the Weinkeller. The Sussigkeiten is the place to satisfy that sweet tooth with an assortment of baked goods, nuts, pretzels, chocolate and candies. It is Christmas year round in Die Weihnachts Ecke where you'll find Christmas decorations of all kinds. Collectors of Hummel figures will be delighted with the treasures to be found in the Glas Und Porzellan shop. The Kunstarbeit In Kristal offers crystal jewelry and glass items.
FUN FACTS:To say “hello”(good day) in German, say “gutten tag” (GOOT-en tahkh).

HIDDEN MICKEYS: Facing Germany, look at the second floor of the building to the right where there are three suits of armor. The crown of the third one has a Hidden Mickey. Also check out the mini-train area and the iron work holding the hanging baskets near the teddy bear shop.

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