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Beside the picturesque Rivers of America is the land of frontier America -- the old west with its boardwalks, brass-railed saloon and forest forts. The tallest peak in the Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain, features a log-flume ride with one of the world's longest flume drops -- a five-story, 47-degree descent reaching speeds of nearly 40 mph. 

The attraction plunges guests into the Disney classic, "Song of the South."  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad takes guests for a wild ride on a runaway mine train.  Young frontiersmen may also try their hand in Frontierland Shooting Gallery where fast-moving targets abound. Here, too, is the zaniest troupe of singing bears ever assembled, in the Country Bear Jamboree.

It's real old-time music with a foot-stompin' beat. Just across the river is Tom Sawyer Island where Injun Joe's Cave, the Magnetic Mystery Mine and old Fort Sam Clemens await exploration. Visitors reach the island by log rafts.

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