Caribbean Beach Resort


Located on the gorgeous Barefoot Bay, Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort offers Disney World guests stunning views for moderate (for Disney) rates. For those who want a little extra fun, Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort provides guests a chance to stay in an specially themed Pirate Room, which is sure to be a hit with the kids.

Villages with names like Martinique, Barbados and Trinidad surround a 42-acre lake at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Tropical birds and colorful flowers give the moderately priced hotel an island flair. “We were challenged to create the character of famous islands that people could relate to,” Chao said. “The bright colors, landscaping, slopes and textures we used reflect the local traditions and architecture of the islands.” Jamaica’s British influence is noted by the yellow and blue color scheme and Victorian style architecture; Trinidad, the “bird island,” uses browns and yellows; and Barbados, the “island of flowers,” features pinks and greens.

Banana Cabana

Centertown Market

Sebastian's Bistro

Old Port Royale (Closed)

Shutters at Old Port Royal (Closed)

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