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The mansard-roofed Victorian-style "Hotel du Canada" was inspired by the Chateau Laurier, a historic hotel found in Canada's capital city, Ottawa. A blaze of color in the landscaping to the side is reminiscent of the splendid Butchart Gardens found in Victoria, on Canada's pacific coast. The majestic Canadian Rockies, a mountain range that begins on the West Coast are modeled here, with a stream that rushes to a 30' waterfall. A rough hewn log trading post, a 30' tall totem pole and displays of snowshoes and kayaks illustrate the diversity of the Canadian people. The landscaping of the Canadian pavilion includes willows, birch, sweet gum, plum and maple trees. Such details as the maple leaves cut out of the fence that surrounds the lagoon, add to the charm of the pavilion. In the Maple Leaf Mine, the 360º Circle-Vision theatre shows the film "O Canada". The diverse culture and landscape of the vast country is shown in this spectacular 18 minute presentation. The amazing scenery of the Rocky Mountains, the sweeping golden Prairies, Montreal's grand cathedral and the Maritime coastal fishing villages, are sure to delight all who see it.

Seeing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on their graceful horses performing the Musical Ride and surrounding you in the theatre, is truly a magnificent sight. A tribute to the changing seasons of Canada includes a scene of an Arctic snowfield, dogsledders, skiers, ice skaters and hockey players. Some of Canada's wildlife including bobcats, Canada geese, eagles, possum, wolves, bears, bison and a thundering herd of reindeer are introduced to visitors. Another impressive 360º experience is that of the spectacular aerial precision flying team, the Snowbirds. In order for guests to fully appreciate the Circle-Vision, there are no seats in this theatre, only rails for the guests to lean against. For guests who are hearing impaired, assistive listening devices are available at Guest Services. In a small stage area at the front of the Canada pavilion, guests are treated to the progressive Celtic music of the popular band "Off Kilter". More traditional music is provided by the Caledonia Bagpipe Band. Check your park guide map for performance times.

Le Cellier, The sit down restaurant at the Canada pavilion has undergone a number of changes over the years. From the original cafeteria to the dark cellar-type steakhouse to the new brighter version, the only constant has been the delicious food prepared here. Steaks, prime rib, salmon, pork tenderloin, and the famous Canadian cheddar cheese soup, are some of the offerings at "Le Cellier". Fine Niagara wines or Canadian beers may accompany your meal. In the front of the Canada pavilion is a little shack that sells one of the most delicious snacks in Epcot, Beavertails. Beavertails are whole wheat pastries deep fried and covered with delicious flavorings like Chocolate & Maple, Cinnamon Sugar, Apples & Cinnamon, Strawberries & Cream and Killaloe Sugar. The trading post houses the "Northwest Mercantile" shop. Here you'll find Roots clothing, lumberjack shirts, maple syrup, soapstone carvings, Off Kilter CDs and Indian moccasins.
At "La Boutique des Provinces", you'll find Canadian-made Blue Mountain pottery, Anne of Green Gables dolls and other handcrafted souvenirs. All areas of the Canada pavilion are wheelchair accessible.

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