Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
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Ride Length: 5 minutes

Buzz Lightyear needs your help to defeat Zurg!  After boarding their vehicle, visitors are able to spin their vehicles and shoot their laser guns at targets for points.  Battle the evil forces of Emperor Zurg in this interactive ride where you try to score points by hitting targets with your laser. 

You control the cars destiny as you can spin 360 degrees with the joystick located in the center of your space vehicle.  This ride can be QUITE addictive and may turn the tamest person into a fierce competitor.    

Tip - For more points hold down the button to shoot the laser gun the whole time.  Tip - Aim for the large volcano in the main room for 25,000 points.

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Here's a Suchart Sisters tip ~ Towards the end, in the room with the moving screen above you, that's the time to shoot. You'll get a ton of points!

Watch your score rise as you zap the Zs!

The Sucharts can't wait to ride Buzz!

Make sure to look at all the cool stuff as you wait in line.

Use the lasers in front of you to shoot the Zs!

Press hard to zap the zs.

The more Zs you zap, the more points you get.

One of Courtney and Megan's tips is to check with a cast member for when Buzz will be taking pictures and signing autographs at the Galaxy Theatre near the Buzz ride.

Buzz greets you as you wait in line!

Courtney and Bonnie love Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin!

The moving Zs get you more points than the still ones.

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