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Animal Kingdom Lodge is adjacent to Disney's Animal Kingdom and opened in 2001. This resort resembles a small African lodge, built on a watering hole, near an extinct volcano. The watering hole starts outside the resort, runs inside, under a bridge, through one of the restaurants, and back out the resort.  The savannah which has no connection to the Animal Kingdom wildlife area, has various forms of wildlife in the 3/4 of the resort that it covers. You can expect to sometimes have animals as close as 30 feet from your windows. As you drive up to the resort, all you see is a small gathering of huts. The incredible size of the resort is hidden from the front. It will be like driving up to a small Safari Village.  Nightly by the large glass wall a Cast Member from Africa tells stories. "Safari Guides" are also on hand to educate guests on the animals. The lobby has a 5 story fireplace. Guests enter the Lodge on the 3rd floor. There is a huge picture window which looks out upon 33 acres of land.  From here, you can walk out onto an elevated viewing area, Arusha Rock, and enjoy the roaming animals.

Throughout the rest of the lobby you'll find examples of authentic architecture and designs. Rich wood tones surround the large mud fireplace and natural lighting will celebrate dawn and dusk with features that accentuate spectacular sunrises and sunsets. In the hallways, there are alcoves with glass windows providing Savanna overviews. This hotel is uniquely laid out, with all of the rooms in wings attached to the main building. It follows the Kraal African Village design of a horseshoe, giving all but 100 of the 1307 rooms a view of the private wildlife reserve. The animal plains extend almost completely around the entire complex, stopping at the backsides of the two front wings. Guests will be able to stand on their balconies and watch animals and birds on  the African savanna.

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