2010 Disney Daily Blog

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Today, we started our magical vacation at Walt Disney World!  We left the house early this morning, and landed in Orlando at 10:40.  We took Disney's Magical Express service to our hotel, which takes us directly there, and Disney handles our luggage.  We had previously done the online check in at home, so we were able to quickly check in at the Contemporary Resort (where Bay Lake Tower is located).  While we were checking in, we found out we were the randomly-chosen "Family of the Day!"  We received buttons, balloons, a certificate, and they took our picture.  We were very excited!  Then, we went over to Bay Lake Tower, and fell in love with this AWESOME resort!  It is a modern theme, and gorgeous.  This is the first year the hotel has been open.  We can see the Contemporary, Bay Lake, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and the Grand Floridian from our room.  We took the monorail over to Magic Kingdom, where we ate taco salads for lunch in Adventureland.  Then, we met Pirate Goofy and rode Pirates of the Caribbean.  We headed over to Tomorrowland where we rode Stitch's Great Escape and saw Monster's Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club.  Before the show starts, they give you the option to text in a joke to be used in the show, so Megan did.  Her joke was told in the show!  It was "Do you want to hear a joke about a pencil? Nah....it's pointless!"  After that, we rode the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and then headed to Main Street Bakery.  We got a fresh ice cream cookie sandwich, that was made right in front of us, and was delicious.  After a long morning, we headed back to Bay Lake Tower.

When we got back to the room, we had some surprises.  We found two roses for Bonnie and Neil's anniversary, two charm bracelets for Courtney and Megan, and a bouquet of flowers in a DVC mug.  These were gifts from Disney Vacation Club Member Services.  Then, we had a knock on our door, with a delivery of a chocolate monorail, chocolate candies, and a special card.  The card was from Courtney and Megan, for Bonnie and Neil's anniversary.  Courtney and Megan have connections with the hotel!  Later we got another knock!  This time, we got a card from Mickey Mouse, wishing us a great celebration - and on the other side was the picture that the front desk took when they told us we were 'Family of the Day.'  Lots of great treats today!

Courtney and Megan went swimming in the amazing pool. There is a waterslide with Mickey's on the outside, a splash area, and a huge hot tub.  Then, we went to Kona Cafe for dinner.  This was our second time to eat here, and we love it!  We had tasty Hawaiian bread, pineapple teriyaki NY strip steaks, and for dessert - Bonnie, Courtney and Megan had chocolate molten cake with ice cream and cotton candy, and Neil had a huge ice cream cone with cotton candy.  We came back to the room, and then got ready to go to the Top of the World lounge to watch the fireworks.  This is a special lounge for Disney Vacation Club members.  We had a great view of the fireworks, which is a new fireworks for this summer.  We are exhausted from a long day!  Tomorrow, we are going to Typhoon Lagoon water park in the morning.  Check out pictures from today! (coming soon)


We had a great time at Typhoon Lagoon today!  Typhoon Lagoon is one of Disney's two water parks.  When we got there, we took pictures with Lilo and then headed for the huge wave pool.  We spent lots of time there, and then went to a raft ride called Gangplank Falls.  We then took the lazy river around the park.  Neil, Courtney, and Megan went on Crush n' Gusher - Coconut Crusher, which is a water coaster that has twists and turns, and even goes uphill.  Crush n' Gusher has been featured on the Travel Channel show, "Extreme Waterparks."  They loved it so much, that they went on it again - this time going on the Pineapple Plunger.  We spent some more time in the wave pool, and then went to get lunch.  We ate at Leaning Palms.  Neil and Megan went back in the wave pool for a little bit longer, and Bonnie and Courtney headed back to the hotel to shower.

Yesterday, Courtney and Megan checked the schedule of activities happening at Bay Lake Tower, and chose to sign up for Mickey tye-dye today.  It was a lot of fun, and we can't wait to see how the shirts turn out.  They will have a Mickey head in the center, and bullseye out from that.  We'll see how it looks in 24 hours.

We headed to Downtown Disney tonight to shop and eat.  We started off in stores such as Design-A-Tee, Disney's Wonderful World of Memories, and The Art of Disney.  Then we went to Megan's favorite, Goofy's Candy Company.  We went to the pin trading store and Tren-D.  We ate dinner at the Wolfgang Puck Express, and we shared salmon, spaghetti and meatballs, and a chicken caesar salad.  For dessert, we had some cheesecake and a cookie.  After a great meal, we went to Mickey's Pantry to pick up some items to add to our Disney kitchen.  We looked around in the huge World of Disney store and then stopped at a Disney Vacation Club booth.  We started talking to them and asked if they had any DVC trading pins, as we are big pin collectors and traders.  The guy said he did, but Bonnie had to earn it.  He asked her to spell mop, cop, hop, and top.  Then he asked, "what do you do when you get to a green light?"  Most people would have said stop after spelling all those words that rhyme with stop, but Bonnie said go!  He gave us a Bay Lake Tower pin!  We are loving our Disney Vacation Club membership and wish we had done it sooner!  Next, we went to Disney Quest for some interactive fun.  Courtney and Megan did Cyberspace Mountain, which is a simulator and you create your own roller coaster.  They chose high speed and chose each piece of the track, and ended up with 8 upside downs!  After they rode their roller coaster, we went to ride the Virtual Jungle Cruise, where we paddled down the river.  We were exhausted from a long day, and headed home to Bay Lake Tower.  Tomorrow morning, we're going to Epcot!  Check back for more updates and pictures!


We had another great day!  We started off the day in Epcot, and headed straight to Soarin'.  We rode it and got fastpasses for later.  Courtney and Megan were excited to try out a new simulator called The Sum of All Thrills, in which you build your own roller coaster, and customize the parts.  After they did that twice, we started our journey around the world!  We visited Canada and the United Kingdom as we made our way to the bakery in France for some pastries.  After our snacks, we saw Aurora, Belle, and Marie the cat.  Then, we went to Morocco and saw Jasmine, and continued to Japan.  We ate lunch at the Yakitori House, and we had teriyaki chicken, tempura shrimp, beef, rice, and salads.  We continued around the world as we went through Germany, Africa outpost, China (where we met Mulan), Norway, and Mexico.  Neil, Courtney, and Megan rode Test Track, and their test ride was successful!  Bonnie shopped in Mouse Gears while they rode.  We used our fastpasses to ride Soarin' again, and then we took the monorail back to Bay Lake Tower.

We relaxed in the room, and then headed to Hollywood Studios to see the finale show of the American Idol Experience.  This show gives park guests the opportunity to perform as if they were on American Idol.  The winner of each day show moves on to the finale, and the winner of the finale gets a "dream ticket" to go to the front of any real American Idol audition in the country.  Aaron Kelly, from this past season, got his start at the American Idol Experience.  We love to watch the finale shows the best.  When we got in line for American Idol Experience, a lady recognized us from this website!  She has emailed Courtney before to ask WDW advice.  We took a picture with Tammy, and her two daughters - Lauren and Allison.  This is the second time someone has recognized us in the parks from our website, and both times were at Hollywood Studios!  We talked to them for a bit, and then saw an awesome finale.  It was hard to predict who would win, as many of the contestants had a great shot!  Tonight's winner was Ryan A.  Maybe he'll make it to American Idol!

After the show, we headed over to Disney's Polynesian Resort to have dinner at Ohana.  We had a table by the window, which had an awesome view of Cinderella's Castle.  We started off with bread, salad, chicken wings, noodles, and dumplings.  Then, the waitress brought all-you-can-eat skewers of steak, shrimp, chicken, and pork.  We ate tons, and were stuffed by the time we finished!  In the middle of our meal, we had a wonderful view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks show, Summer Nightastic.  The restaurant piped in the music and dimmed the lights.  After the meal, we had dessert, and even got cupcakes for Megan's early birthday and for Bonnie and Neil's anniversary.  Speaking of which, their anniversary is tomorrow!  We'll be spending their special 20th anniversary at the most magical place - Magic Kingdom!  We are eating dinner at a very nice restaurant, Narcoossee's, which overlooks Seven Seas Lagoon.  We are looking forward to a great day!


What a great anniversary day to celebrate Bonnie and Neil's 20th!  We got to Magic Kingdom at park opening, and watched the rope drop show.  Then, we made the dash to Space Mountain.  They refurbished it for 6 months last year, so we hadn't ridden it since.  After our trip through space, we went on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  We headed to Toontown next, and little did we know that we were in for a special treat.  We found out we had a private meet and greet with Belle, Cinderella, and Aurora!  We took pictures with all of them together, and each of them individually.  We walked through Mickey's house, and he and Minnie were waiting for us at the end.  We took the train around to Main Street, where we enjoyed another ice cream cookie sandwich and watched the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It parade.  We said hello to Mary Poppins, and then enjoyed Mickey's Philharmagic - a 3D show.  Then, we went on It's a Small World, and headed to Columbia Harbor House for lunch.  There we enjoyed fried shrimp and chicken nuggets.  We made our way back to Main Street, where we met the mayor of Magic Kingdom - Mayor Weaver, and some other ladies who "live" on Main Street.  We met some more characters, including Pinocchio, Pluto, Pooh and Eeyore.  We headed to the monorail, and soon we were home at Bay Lake Tower.  When we walked in the room, Bonnie and Neil found a surprise present from Courtney and Megan - a custom-made anniversary cake with Mickey's piped on the side!

We took the monorail to the Grand Floridian for our dinner at Narcoossee's.  We were seated at a table that overlooked the lagoon, castle, Contemporary & Bay Lake Tower, and the Polynesian.  Our hostess handed us our menus, which were personalized!  Bonnie and Neil's said Happy Anniversary to them, Megan's said Happy Birthday (since her birthday is right after we return), and Courtney's said Celebrate.  Courtney and Megan set up this surprise for Bonnie and Neil with  their connections!  We started off with bread, and ordered Caesar salads.  Both were delicious!  Bonnie and Neil ordered Surf and Turf - which consists of both filet mignon and lobster tail.  Courtney and Megan ordered filet mignon and tried some of Bonnie and Neil's lobster tail.  Bonnie loved the lobster tail, Neil enjoyed it, and Courtney and Megan didn't dislike it, but didn't care for it.  The filet mignon was amazing, and very flavorful.  Bonnie got strawberry shortcake for dessert, and Neil, Courtney, and Megan got hot fudge brownie sundaes.  All were wonderful!  After a great dinner, we went up to the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower, and watched the fireworks.  Bonnie and Neil had a great anniversary!  Tomorrow, we are heading to Animal Kingdom.


We had an exciting day at Animal Kingdom!  We started off at Expedition Everest.  Neil, Courtney, and Megan rode it once in the stand-by line, and then twice in the single-rider line.  The single-rider line gets you on the ride faster, but you don't ride with your party.  They use it to fill in the empty seats in parties with odd numbers.  After those three encounters with the yeti, we went over to Camp Minnie-Mickey.  We hung out in the Good Times Gathering Spot, where Thumper, Miss Bunny, Terk, Chip, Dale, Meeko, and Pocahontas were.  Then, we went to the greeting trails and saw Donald, Minnie, and Goofy.  We got a little snack at Pizzafari, and after that we went on Kilimanjaro Safaris, which is a safari ride through Africa.  The safari ride itself is as big as the entire Magic Kingdom park.  We saw animals such as giraffes, elephants, antelope, crocodiles, cheetahs, and a lion (and many more).  We rode Expedition Everest again, and then went to ride Kali River Rapids.  We left after that, and went to Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary to get a late lunch.  We brought that back to the room.  Courtney and Megan planned on swimming, but it STORMED so everyone just relaxed in the room.

We went to Epcot after it stopped raining, and went on Spaceship Earth.  Afterwards, Courtney and Megan played a game called Power City, and then we headed to France for dinner at Les Chefs de France.  We had a window table, and could see some of the Illuminations lagoon fireworks show from our table!  We started off with French baguettes.  Neil and Courtney had salads, and Bonnie and Megan had French onion soup.  All four of us had the filet, and it was amazing!  For dessert, Neil had the creme puff, Bonnie and Courtney had the chocolate cake, and Megan had the strawberry sorbet.  We enjoyed our dinner in France!  Tomorrow, we are going to Hollywood Studios!


Today was a great day!  We started off the morning at Hollywood Studios, and went straight to Toy Story Mania to get fastpasses for later.  Then we went to Guest Relations, where we redeemed one of our Give A Day, Get A Disney Day fastpass options.  Back in January, we volunteered at Feed the Children, and earned a free ticket to a Disney park.  Megan donated hers as a part of her Bat Mitzvah project.  Bonnie and Courtney chose the fastpass option, since we have our park tickets already.  This got us instant fastpasses for the day!  Then, we went to instantly ride Toy Story Mania.  After that, we had breakfast at Starring Rolls Cafe, then headed to Rockin' Roller Coaster.  Courtney and Megan rode it twice with the instant fastpasses.  Then, they rode Tower of Terror, again with the instant fastpasses.  After those rides, we went to Disney's Magic of Animation.  We learned how to draw Stitch in the same building that the entire Lilo and Stitch movie was produced!  We met Lotso from Toy Story 3, and Mr. and Mrs. Incredible from The Incredibles.  next, we saw the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, which we hadn't seen in years.  We ate lunch at Backlot Express, and then caught the 2:00 preliminary show of American Idol: The Experience.  We rode Toy Story Mania one more time with the instant fastpasses, then headed back to Bay Lake Tower.

Courtney and Megan swam in the Contemporary's pool, since we are DVC members and can pool hop and use their pool as well as ours.  Then, we headed to Epcot for dinner at Teppan Edo.  We took the Friendship boat across the lagoon, and arrived in Japan.  We started off our meal with salads with ginger dressing.  We LOVE this dressing!  One of our Disney cookbooks has the recipe, and we have made it at home!  Neil, Bonnie, and Megan ordered two filet mignons and a shrimp, and shared those.  Courtney ordered filet mignon.  For dessert, we had ice cream.  We watched some of Illuminations on the way out, and took the monorail home to BLT.  When we were in the Grand Concourse of the Contemporary, about to walk over to Bay Lake Tower, there was a teenaged guy doing sommersaults across these big seats in the hotel.  His mom was videotaping.  When they found out Megan's a gymnast, they wanted her to do it too, so she did sommersaults across the seats!  She also did handstands and cartwheels for this family!  (Yes, she did have shorts on under her dress!) We relaxed in the room, and were exhausted from a long day.  We are heading to Blizzard Beach in the morning!


We had a wonderful day today!  Today was the second of our two "non-park" days.  We slept in a bit because we were exhausted from a long, great week.  Then, we headed to the Blizzard Beach water park.  We went straight to the ski-lift, which brought us up the mountain.  From there, we took the Teamboat Springs family raft ride down to the bottom.  We rode Run-off Rapids, which is a double tube water slide.  Then, we chilled in the Cross Country Creek lazy river.  We rode that around to the front of the park, where we got in Meltaway Bay.  We swam in there for a while, then went to eat at Lottawatta Lodge.  Neil and Megan stayed to go on the Snow Stormers on the Purple Slope, and Bonnie and Courtney headed to the hotel to start showering.  At 3:40, we got picked up in a DVC van to go to the Disney Vacation Club center at Saratoga Springs hotel.  We love our DVC membership so much, that we want to expand on it!  We met with Tony, and enjoyed our time at the DVC center.  He even gave us fastpass cards, a DVC notepad, and Bay Lake Tower postcards.  After exploring the hotel, and eating ice cream at the DVC ice cream parlor, we had the DVC van take us to the Boardwalk hotel. 

At the Boardwalk, we rented a surrey bike and rode it around the Epcot resort area.  It was hard work, but a nice day outside.  After our trip around the lake, we checked in at the Big River Grille for dinner.  We were seated at the table with the best location in the restaurant - a perfect view of the Boardwalk.  The manager brought over a Mickey and Minnie heart centerpiece, and our waitress brought Neil and Bonnie a bottle of champagne.  The managers came over to wish Neil and Bonnie a happy anniversary, and to say that thanks to Courtney and Megan, some more surprises were coming as well!  We ordered our meals of NY strip steak and shrimp, which were great!  After dinner, they brought out an anniversary cake!  Then, the managers came over with a present.  On behalf of the restaurant, they gave Neil and Bonnie a gorgeous Prince Charming and Cinderella figurine which has a small snowglobe of a glass slipper.  We love it, and can't wait to find the perfect place to put it in our Disney house!  They also gave us a free membership to the premium club at Big River Grille, which will get us a table anytime we want - without reservations, and also discounts and special invitations.  What an amazing dinner!  Courtney and Megan have some incredible connections to make this all happen!  After dinner, we explored the Boardwalk, Swan, and Dolphin hotels.  We took the bus to Magic Kingdom and walked to Bay Lake Tower. 


Today, we walked to the Magic Kingdom and got there when the park opened.  It's so nice being that close!  We went straight to Tomorrowland, where Neil, Courtney, and Megan rode Space Mountain.  After that, we went to Mickey's Toontown Fair to get in line for the fairies.  We were first in line and met Fawn, Tinkerbell, and Terence.  We went on Goofy's Barnstormer, and then spent some time in Mickey's Toontown Fair, since it will soon be demolished to make way for the Fantasyland expansion.  We rode the train around to the Main Street station and shopped in the Emporium.  We ate breakfast at the Main Street Bakery and it was delicious.  We took some pictures for our Photopass CD, and the photographer did lots of magic shots that we can't wait to see!  After that, we went to Frontierland and rode Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  We headed over to Columbia Harbor House to eat lunch.  While we were waiting in line to order, a hostess came up to us and asked if we'd like to eat at the Captain's table.  We said sure!  We ordered our food, and she told us they would deliver it to us at our table.  After we walked upstairs with her, we saw Don, Bonnie, and DJ!  They have visited our website and emailed with us before.  Last year, they recognized us in Hollywood Studios.  We knew they were arriving today at WDW and it was great to see them again!  After talking to them, we continued on to the Captain's table.  We had a private seating area with the condiments, silverware, and everything waiting for us!  Our food was delivered shortly, and they also brought us cookies to decorate.  It was a great treat!  After lunch, we went to Fantasyland and rode the Carrousel and Dumbo.  After saying hi to Peter Pan and Wendy, we took the monorail back to Bay Lake Tower to rest up for the night.

We went to Hollywood Studios to see the American Idol Experience finale.  It was a great show, and Joanna won the dream ticket.  After the show, we went to the Wilderness Lodge.  We've never been to this hotel, so we were excited to explore it before dinner.  We walked around the gorgeous lobby, and saw the restaurants and shops.  We checked in at the Whispering Canyon Cafe for dinner, which is right off the lobby.  It was such a fun atmosphere and the waiters and waitresses are very lively!  We had our drinks in giant glass bottles.  Oh, and don't ask for ketchup!  We ended up with 14 bottles!  We ordered the all-you-can-eat skillet, which included unlimited smoked pork ribs, pullled pork, oven-roasted chicken, beef brisket, mashed potatoes, baked beans, corn, apple vinaigrette salad, coleslaw and cornbread. It was delicious!  We were completely stuffed! For dessert Neil, Bonnie and Megan ordered the s'mores cheesecake and Courtney ordered the kahlua chocolate cake. After dinner, we headed back to Bay Lake Tower. Tomorrow, we are heading to Animal Kingdom!


We started off today at Animal Kingdom!  Neil, Courtney, and Megan started by riding Expedition Everest twice in a row!  There was barely any line.  We stopped to eat a breakfast platter and cinnamon roll at Pizzafari.  After that, we saw the Festival of the Lion King, which is a great show filled with singing, dancing, gymnastics, lights, floats, and fire.  We shopped and took pictures, and then we went over to Dinoland USA, where Neil, Courtney, and Megan rode Dinosaur.  Then, we went to the Theater in the Wild to see Finding Nemo the Musical.  It was an awesome show!  After a long day at Animal Kingdom, we took the bus back to the Contemporary to eat lunch at the Contempo Cafe, and then went back to our room at Bay Lake Tower.

We chilled for a bit, and then headed back to Animal Kingdom.  Using fastpasses, Neil, Courtney, and Megan rode Expedition Everest three times!  Then, we went to dinner at one of our favorites, Yak and Yeti.  We ordered baby back ribs, tempura shrimp, steak and shrimp, and maple tamarind chicken - and we all split them.  They were all wonderful!  For dessert, Neil had chocolate cake, Bonnie had cheesecake, Courtney had sorbet, and Megan had fried wontons.  It was a great dinner.  We went to Magic Kingdom afterwards.  We saw the Summer Nightastic fireworks and the Main Street Electrical Parade.  Both are here for the summer only.  They were both amazing, and after, we took the monorail back to Bay Lake Tower.  Tomorrow, we're going to Hollywood Studios


Today was an awesome day!  We went to Hollywood Studios and got there right when it opened.  Neil went to get fastpasses for Toy Story Mania, while Bonnie went with Courtney and Megan while they rode Rockin' Roller Coaster.  Then, we went to eat breakfast at Starring Rolls Cafe, and had a cinnamon roll, bagel, and chocolate croissant.  While we were eating, the family at the table next to us said, "are you the family from Disney World Live?"  It was Margie, Barbara, and Trent, and this was the third family that has recognized us this trip!  We talked to them the rest of breakfast, and then headed to the Animation Courtyard to meet Sorcerer Mickey.  After that, Courtney and Megan did another class at the Animation Academy, and drew Minnie Mouse.  Then, we went to lunch at Backlot Express.  We saw two shows of American Idol Experience, and rode Toy Story Mania.  We headed back to Bay Lake Tower to get ready for the evening.

We took the monorail to Epcot, and Courtney and Megan did the Sum of All Thrills again.  Then, we went to Canada for our favorite restaurant, Le Cellier.  We all absolutely love this restaurant, and have been coming for many years.  We started off with the delicious breadsticks, and our favorite is the pretzel bread.  Then, we ordered Caesar salads for appetizers, which were great.  For our entree, we all got the Le Cellier Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes.  It was incredibly perfect!  For dessert, Neil and Megan got the campfire s'mores, Bonnie got the sorbet, and Courtney got the chocolate cake.  This meal is always our favorite, and it is very hard to book.  We booked it the very first day we could make reservations, 6 months ago.  After dinner, we went to the Epcot Character Spot.  The Character Spot is great because you wait in one line, and meet Mickey, Pluto, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy.  After that, we took the monorail home to Bay Lake Tower.  We watched the fireworks from the elevator, and the Electric Water Pageant from our balcony.  Tomorrow, we're going to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Downtown Disney.


Talk about using our park hopper to the max!  We hit 3 parks and Downtown Disney today!  We started at Epcot, and arrived before the park opened.  Megan ran ahead at the front of the crowd and got us fastpasses for Soarin'.  Then we got in line and rode it.  After the ride, we ate breakfast at Sunshine Seasons in the Land pavilion.  We road Soarin' again, and then got on the monorail to Magic Kingdom.  We redeemed the other Give a Day fastpass cards here.  Neil, Courtney, and Megan rode Space Mountain twice using the instant fastpasses.  Then, we went to El Pirata y El Perico in Adventureland and ate taco salads for lunch.  We rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin twice, and then had a short monorail ride back to Bay Lake Tower.  We love how close BLT is to the Magic Kingdom!

We rested for a bit, then headed to Hollywood Studios, where we hit the character jackpot.  On certain days, random characters come out in the afternoon at the Animation building.  We saw Stitch, the Green Army Man, Mary Poppins and the penguins, Pinocchio and Gepetto, Jasmine and the Genie, Captain Hook, Pocahantas, Goofy, and Mulan.  Then, we went to the 6:00 preliminary show of American Idol Experience.  Right after that, we got back in line to see the 7:00 finale show.  The winner was Jernie, who was by far the best winner we have seen of any finale.  We even took a picture with her, since she has a good chance of making it on the show!  After that, we headed to Downtown Disney and we ate dinner at the Earl of Sandwich.  We went to Goofy's Candy Company and World of Disney, and then back to Bay Lake Tower.  We were all exhausted after a very long, but fun, day!


We had a great last day in the parks!  We slept in a bit, and then headed to Typhoon Lagoon water park.  We rode Gangplank Falls, a family raft ride that goes under waterfalls.  Then, we went on two intertube water slides, Mayday Falls and Keelhaul Falls.  We went over to the Shark Reef, where they had an underwater observation deck to see the sharks.  Then, Neil, Courtney, and Megan rode Crush n' Gusher, which is a water intertube coaster.  Then, we got in the Typhoon Lagoon, which is the giant wave pool.  The waves get up to 6 feet, and we LOVE going in the wave pool!  We got out and ate lunch at Leaning Palms.  After that, we relaxed in the lazy river, and rode it around the park a few times.  We got in the wave pool for some more waves, and then went back to the hotel to shower.

We headed to the Magic Kingdom, where Neil, Courtney, and Megan rode Space Mountain.  Then we all rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and Peter Pan's Flight.  We did one last shopping trip, and then took the monorail back to the hotel.  We had dinner at the Wave, which is a restaurant that we'd never eaten at before.  It is off of the lobby in the Contemporary.  We all had the filet mignon, which was amazing!  It was a great steak to have on our last night.  Courtney and Megan used their special connections one last time to arrange for an anniversary cake for Bonnie and Neil, which was delicious.  We still had half of it left, and since we're leaving tomorrow, we gave it to the family next to us.  After a great dinner, we went up to the room to change, and then back to the Magic Kingdom.  We went on the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, and then watched the Summer Nightastic fireworks.  We made one last stop in the Main Street Bakery and Main Street Confectionary to use our last snack credits, and then said good-bye to the Magic Kingdom until next time.  Tomorrow, we're having a character breakfast at Chef Mickey's in our hotel, then heading back home.

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