2008 Disney Daily Blog

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Today was our first day in Disney World! We woke up bright and early this morning to catch our flight and arrived at our hotel by 11 am.  The Coronado Springs resort is great!  The decor is very bright and festive.  We had the hotel hold our carry on bags, and went straight to Magic Kingdom. As we were on Main Street, we met many new characters, including the mayor of Magic Kingdom - Mayor Weaver, the firefighter - Chief Smokey, and three other characters who 'live' on Main Street. We headed over to Space Mountain where a lady who was leaving gave us 3 fast passes to ride it right then. We ate lunch at Cosmic Ray's, went to the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club, and then headed back to the hotel.  We were planning on swimming - but it started lightning.  The girls chilled in a hammock near our room, and decided they want palm trees, sand, and a hammock in our backyard when we get home. We came back to the room and had short naps and showers. 

Tonight we went to Epcot - in the rain!!  We rode the refurbished ride of Spaceship Earth.  They have some neat new features, including screens on the cars, and a part where they took your picture on the ride and used it later on.  We had a delicious dinner at Le Cellier - filet mignons for the 4 of us!  Megan is especially excited this trip - because she is now an "adult" in the eyes of Disney, and can order off the adult menu!!!  We're at the hotel now - for a good night's sleep!!!  We had SUCH an early morning - but an easy flight!!  Another update tomorrow, and pictures to come soon!


Today was day 2 of our Disney trip!  We headed to the Blizzard Beach water park for some fun in the sun!  The last time we went to Blizzard Beach was in 2003 so we were excited to check it out again.  We went in the wave pool, on the Downhill Double Dipper racing slides, and down the Runoff Rapids.  We went in the Ski Patrol Training Camp where the girls went across icebergs and went down a slide.  We were in line to do the Ski Lift, but they had to close it down because of seeing lightning.  It was only sprinkling, so we went in the Lazy River.  It started pouring while we were in it, and we decided to head back to our hotel when they closed all the rides temporarily. 

We ate lunch at our hotel, chilled, and then headed to Magic Kingdom.  We were shopping for camera cases in Exposition Hall when we saw Pooh, Tigger, and Darby (a new Pooh character) in the back of the store doing autographs.  We took pictures with them, and also took some fun shots with cutouts of movie scenes.  We headed over to Adventureland and picked up fastpasses for Splash Mountain.  We saw Aladdin and Jasmine, and then rode Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride.  Then we decided to watch a show we'd never seen before, the Enchanted Tiki Room show with Iago and Zazu. By then, it was time to ride Splash Mountain, so we headed over there where we got soaked!  We ate a quick dinner at Columbia Harbour House, and there was a short wait for the Haunted Mansion, so we rode that.  Then we came back to the hotel for the night - so that we can get an early start tomorrow morning, when we head to Epcot for the morning extra magic hours.  Look at the new pictures and check back tomorrow for another update!


Today was day 3!  We had planned on heading out early, but forgot to call for a wake up call.  At 7:20 - Bonnie woke up and woke everyone else up.  We were all dressed and ready in 20 minutes and headed to Epcot for the early entry.  We rode Soarin' and made a quick breakfast stop at Sunshine Seasons.  We headed over to Mission Space and played around in the Advanced Training Lab.  At the Imagination pavillion, we saw Honey I shrunk the audience, rode Journey into Imagination with Figment, and had fun in ImageWorks.  Then we went over to the World Showcase, where we walked around the world.  We saw many characters, including Donald Duck in a sombrero, Mulan, Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Aladdin and Jasmine, and Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger. We ate in many of the countries and took lots of pictures for the web site.  We were at Epcot for 7 1/2 hours!  Then, we came back to the hotel for a quick rest and we went to Downtown Disney tonight.  We took some pictures of places we needed for the web site and then ate dinner at Wolfgang Puck.  Neil, Bonnie, and Megan had salmon, and Courtney had steak. The meals and desserts were delicious.

Afterwards, we headed to Disney Quest for some indoor fun.  We went on a ride that Megan had been too short for on our last visit to Disney Quest a couple of years ago, called Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters. We played some arcade games, and then did an animation class where we learned how to draw Donald Duck. We were there for about 2 hours, and then left. We were surprised to see it was raining and we got a little wet as we headed to the bus.  Once we got to our hotel room and were wet and ready to change clothes, we had a nice surprise in our room.  A bouquet of 7 helium balloons, and a personalized autographed note from Cinderella and one from Snow White were on our table!  One said "The Suchart Family - May all your dreams come true!  Have a magical stay!  Cinderella".  The other one said "Suchart Family - With a smile and a song.  Have a magical day.  Snow White!"  It was a really nice surprise!

Off to sleep for a full day tomorrow.  Hey - tomorrow is almost here!  Isn't it someone's anniversary tomorrow??  #18???  Happy Anniversary to Bonnie & Neil!!!  We'll be going to Animal Kingdom and Epcot for dinner at Teppan Edu - one of our favorite restaurants!  Check out the pictures!!!


Day 4 - Happy Anniversary to Bonnie & Neil!  What a great place to celebrate our anniversary - Disney World!  We started our day at Animal Kingdom.  As the girls entered the park, they were each given a special Disney trading pin by a cast member to trade with anyone they wish.  Bonnie went to Guest Relations to get special "Happy Anniversary" buttons and LOTS of anniversary wishes were recieved by Disney guests and cast members!  Neil, Courtney & Megan rode Expedition Everest 2 times in a row. It's their favorite ride at Animal Kingdom!  The first ride they rode in the very back of the roller coaster, and the second time they were in the first and second cars! We saw It's Tough To Be A Bug - a 3D show featuring the characters from Bug's Life. As we were walking in the park, we saw DeVine, a neat atmosphere character who is camouflaged in the greenery.  We headed back to the hotel for lunch and a little swim, and found towel animals waiting for us on the bed. 

This afternoon we headed to Epcot.  We went on the Maelstrom boat ride in Norway, and watched a 360 Circlevision show in Canada. We enjoyed a stroll through some countries, and ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants - Teppan Edo in Japan!  The chefs cook at your table, and you sit at a table with other guests. The family we sat with just happened to be from Odessa, Texas. Small world. When we came back to our hotel - we had a VERY nice basket of snacks and soft drinks waiting for us with an anniversary wish from some special friends of ours.  THANK YOU TO THEM!  What a great way to end a special day!!!!  Perfect for some "morning, afternoon, and late night snacks!!!" Thanks for thinking of us!

Tomorrow, we're heading to Typhoon Lagoon in the morning! We're also very excited about our dinner tomorrow at Yachstman's Steakhouse!


Day 5 - WOW!  What a day!!!  We decided to go to Typhoon Lagoon this morning, before the rain came.  It was SUCH a fun water park.  We had never been there before and loved it!  First, we went on Gangplank Falls, a family raft ride that was fun for all of us!We went in the lazy river, the big wave pool, Keelhaul Falls, and Mayday Falls.  Neil took lots of pictures, we ate lunch out there, and had more fun in the water!  We left around 1:00 when the sky was starting to get dark.  We made it to the hotel just in time for the rain to let loose! 

After we got back from the water park - there was a knock on the door.  A hotel employee had two large stuffed animals - a lion and a tiger - and a letter.  WOW!!!  Bonnie's 3 sisters are just the best friends, and sisters anyone could have!!!  They arranged a special amazing treat for us - at Animal Kingdom later this week.  You will have wait and see later this week and read the blog to see what the surprise is!!!  

This afternoon we went to Downtown Disney for a little shopping, and then headed to Yacht Club resort for one of our favorite meals!!  We love to eat at Yachtsman's Steakhouse - and order a 24 ounce Porterhouse steak.  Not one - but FOUR!!  They are so amazing, with the filet mignon and the strip.  YUM!!  Check out the pictures!!  After dinner, we went back to Downtown Disney for a little more shopping.  We had to walk off our delicious dinner!!  Megan is already asleep, and we've only been back for 10 minutes!  Tomorrow - we're headed to Hollywood Studios. 


Day 6 - This morning, we headed off to Hollywood Studios (formerly known as Disney-MGM Studios).  The girls went straight to Tower of Terror while Neil got them fast passes to Rock N Roller Coaster.  After they rode Rock N Roller Coaster, we headed to Toy Story Pizza Planet for a little pizza snack.  Next we saw Muppet Vision 3-D, and went on the Backlot Tour.  We got a little snack of pretzels and ice cream, and afterwards staked out spots for the parade.  Everyone loved the new parade, Block Party Bash. After that, we rode a cool new ride - Toy Story Mania. We wore 4-D glasses on the ride, which was really neat because it was interactive.  We saw many characters throughout the day, including Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, Mike Wazowski, Green Army Man, and characters who are 'from Hollywood.'

We came back to the hotel just as it was starting to rain.  We rested and did a load of laundry. We ate dinner at Maya Grill, which is at our hotel.  After dinner, we headed to Downtown Disney to go to Disney Quest again.  We rode a few Virtual Reality rides that we hadn't done before.  The girls did a Comix book activity where they wore virtual reality helmets and used a 'sword'.   We did two rides as a family.  On the Virtual Jungle Cruise, we sat in an inflatable raft where we used oars to go down a river. On the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, we went onto a virtual boat where Megan was the captain and drove the ship. Bonnie, Neil, and Courtney pulled the cannons to fire bullets at other ships.  Disney Quest is a fun place!!!

Tomorrow we plan to go to Magic Kingdom and then Epcot for dinner.  We'll be eating at Le Cellier again - one of our favorite Disney restaurants!!!  Be sure to click on the link to see pictures of the fun we are having!!!! 


Day 7 - We headed out to Magic Kingdom this morning.  As we entered Town Square, Courtney let out a little scream.  Jiminy Cricket was out and signing autographs.  He is a VERY rare character, and we have never seen him out!  We also got Bert and Mary Poppins.  We headed over to Tomorrowland and rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  As we got off the ride, Megan was excited to see her favorite character at the exit - Stitch!  We went over to Toontown next and went into the Hall of Fame where we saw Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.  We stopped for a snack at the fruit market and then visited Mickey's house, where we saw Mickey and Minnie at the end!  Next, we saw Mickey's Philharmagic 3-d show in Fantasyland.  After the show, we ate lunch at one of our favorite places - El Pirate y El Perico.  We saw Wendy and Peter Pan, and then walked through the Swiss Family Treehouse.  It started to sprinkle, so we went and saw The Hall of Presidents.  The rain had picked up by the time the show was over, so we went over to the Emporium right before the HUGE rainstorm started.  Luckily we were inside and able to do some shopping.  Once the rain let up, we headed back to the hotel to chill, and change for dinner. 
Tonight we went to Epcot.  We rode Test Track, and walked around in Innoventions.  We enjoyed dinner at Le Cellier in Canada again.  That is where we ate our first night, and as you can imagine, is one of our favorite restaurants!!!  We watched part of the Illuminations fireworks, and since it was Extra Magic Hours, we headed to the Epcot Character Spot for autographs and pictures!  After that, we looked around in the Epcot's 25th Anniversary exhibit, which we were happy to see was still there. The 25th anniversary was last October, so we hadn't seen the exhibit yet and were glad we got the chance to.  We were all tired, so we decided to head back to our hotel for the night.  Check back tomorrow - we're heading to Hollywood Studios in the morning, Grand Floridian for dinner, and Magic Kingdom at night!  Make sure to take a look at the pictures each day as well! 


Day 8 - This morning, we went to Hollywood Studios, where it was early entry for guests staying on property.  We were able to ride the new Toy Story Mania ride twice, and get a fast pass for later in the day.  The girls also rode Rock N Roller Coaster.  After they got off, we got fast passes for later.  We watched the High School Musical 2 show, and got a snack, then headed to Disney's Wide World of Sports.  It's something we've been wanting to check out, but never took the time to go before.  It's a HUGE sports complex, and the Atlanta Braves even have their spring training there.  Today, we saw kids playing baseball, soccer, and basketball.  We ate lunch there, and then headed back to Hollywood Studios.  Courtney and Megan rode Rock N Roller Coaster one more time, and the 4 of us rode Toy Story Mania.  We got caught (again) - in a major downpour - as we headed out of the park and went back to our hotel.

Tonight, we had dinner at the Grand Floridian Hotel, at the 1900 Fare Restaurant.  It is a character buffet meal with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the stepmother - Lady Tremaine, and the two stepsisters - Anastasia and Drizella.  After dinner, we took the monorail back to Magic Kingdom where we saw fireworks (FINALLY!).  It's hard to believe we've been here for a week, and tonight was our first time to see the fireworks this trip, which we all enjoyed!  Then we rode Tomorrow Transit Authority - and called it a night!  Check out today's pictures, and be sure to check back tomorrow.  We are very excited about our adventure at Animal Kingdom tomorrow!


Day 9 – When we headed out this morning, we knew we were in for a treat, but had no idea what!!  Thank you to Bonnie’s sisters, Jill, Lara, and Suzy, for arranging an amazing “behind the scenes” tour at Animal Kingdom.  We had such a neat experience!!  We were driven in a Disney van, to the Animal Programs building at Animal Kingdom.  We went to see the elephants first, where we met Ike, the elephant manager.  We saw the newest addition, Tzabo, a 3 week old elephant who only weighs 327 pounds!!  (His mom weighs 8000 pounds!!!).  In addition to Tzabo, we saw two other elephants, the mom and her friend.  We toured the elephant barn and saw where the elephants sleep and take a bath.  Then, we went to the Rhino barn and met Steve and Jaqueline, who showed us around.  There, we met Sammy, a 40 year old Rhino.  We were able to pet him – he has tough skin!! The girls got to help brush his skin, and we watched him eat alfalfa.  Then we went to the Animal Tracking station, where we met Carol and Pammy.  We got to hear some elephant sounds on the computer (we heard them trumpeting and talking).  We also saw some neat ways that they have tracked animals, including projects on cotton-tip tamarinds and sea turtles.  From there, we had our driver drop us off at the front of Animal Kingdom, where we stayed for the day.

We did some shopping, ate lunch at Pizzafari, and were walking around after getting a few autographs at Camp Mickey-Minnie.  We had bought matching blue Disney World tye dye shirts a few days ago at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, especially for our “behind the scenes” adventure – and as we were wearing them, a Disney cast member walked up to us, and said to us “I see that you’re wearing matching shirts.  Did you wear them hoping that you would win something?”  We said no, and then she asked us if we planned on still being at the park at 4:00 – we said yes.  She said “How would you like to be in our Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade, and ride on a float?”  Can you guess what we said??  YES!!!  We were told to be at a certain gate at 3:30 to have 30 minutes of prep time, and then the parade would start at 4:00.  We got our costumes backstage (hats and vests), met the other families that were selected, and then got on our float.  It was SUCH a neat experience and we had a great time!!  We were on the hippo float, which was right in front of Minnie’s float.  We’ll have more pictures once we view our Photo Pass pictures that the park photographers took as we were in the parade.  Be sure to check out what we did – with our digital camera.

We rode several rides during the day, and Bonnie surprised us all!  She said she would ride Expedition Everest!  The girls and Neil LOVE this ride, and were pleasantly shocked, that Bonnie actually said she’d ride it.  Well, after riding it once, she decided NOT to ride it again, and leave all of the fast passes for Neil, Courtney, and Megan!!   After that, the girls and Neil rode it a second time, and then we went to eat at Yak and Yeti.  It’s a new restaurant that recently opened up.  It was delicious!!  We enjoyed the dinner AND dessert!  Check out the pictures.

Tonight, we had a special treat, seeing fireworks from our hotel.  The girls are going out for a little swim now.  They have enjoyed having a pool very close to our room.  Check out the pictures!!! Tomorrow we’re heading to Epcot for early entry, and we have a Princess dinner in Norway!


Day 10 – We woke up early, since the early entry park for hotel guests was Epcot, and it opened an hour earlier at 8:00.  We rode Soarin' and got a fast pass to ride it later tonight, since we were going back to Epcot for dinner.  Then we boarded a bus for Hollywood Studios.  They opened at 9:00, and we were there at 9:05!  We went straight to Toy Story Mania, the new attraction, and went in the single rider lane.  That means that they use the people in the single rider lane to fill in parties with an odd number.  We could have gone in the stand-by line, but it was 20 or 30 minutes, so we chose to do it this way.  If you choose this line, you might sit next to someone you don't know, or you might get to sit by someone in your party.  We rode it FOUR times in a row - getting off at the end and getting back in the single rider line.  This line was so short!  We got a snack of a frozen lemonade and soft pretzel, and then did a little shopping.  Courtney and Megan went to go ride Rock N Roller Coaster, since they had a re-entry pass from the other day, when it temporarily had to shut down while they were in line.

We headed back to the hotel for lunch, and a swim at the main pool.  We all chilled - either on the computer or taking a nap, and got ready for dinner.  We headed over to Epcot, and went to Spaceship Earth.  After riding, it was time for our dinner reservations at Akershus, so we walked over to Norway.  Before we got seated, we took a picture with Belle in her corner.  We were happily surprised to find out that we got 5 copies of the picture included in our meal.  The food was great.  It was half buffet and half table service.  The buffet had appetizers including shrimp, deli, fruit, and salad, and then we ordered our entree from a menu.  In addition to Belle, we had visits at our table from Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine and Ariel (in her ball gown).  After dinner,  we went over to the Land pavilion.  We used our fastpass for Soarin' from earlier and enjoyed our ride.  We made a quick stop in a gift shop, and then headed out for the night.  We started packing tonight to get ready for our flight on Tuesday.  Tomorrow we are heading to Magic Kingdom.  Take a look at the pictures from today and check back tomorrow for another update!


Day 11 - Thirteen and a half hours straight at Magic Kingdom!  We did lots of attractions and saw some characters.  We saw the afternoon and night time parades.  We're exhausted.  Heading home tomorrow.


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